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08 April 2008 @ 11:46 pm

Hey everybody! I'm moving all my new icon posts to the community up there, so if you're still interested in following my crap icons and stuff, please watch that community as well! I won't take down this one, since I'll be keeping my old icons here, and I'll also be crossposting here too, so feel free to keep on watching this community if you want too. ♥ There's no particular reason as to why I'm moving, really. 8D Actually, there is a reason, but I can't tell you guys. Anyway. That's basically all I dropped by to say. I've gotten photoshop back, so I'm ready for some iconning action again, y/y? ♥

Much love for everyone, and thank you so much for 100+ watchers for this community while I'm at it. 8D Maybe those 100 watchers will go the other comm? XDDD /shot/ Err, no new icon posts as of yet, but I just downloaded loads of manga, screencaps and new textures today so by this week there should be my first official icon post since that rather long hiatus I took 8DD